How to Fix Fatal Error in WordPress?

If your site stops working because of some fatal error, never fear. Its very easy to fix the issue. Here we are going to describe how you can easily fix this error.

What is a Fatal Error in WordPress?

A fatal error is the error that causes the program to terminate without any warning. It terminates the program currently working. Also, it may lead to the loss of data. This error is also called as fatal exception error.

WordPress uses mainly PHP programming language. There is a precise time limit for how long a PHP script can run. This is primarily to stop any possible abuse. Fatal error in WordPress causes when a PHP script reaches the maximum execution time. At that moment if you visit your WordPress website; you may see a Fatal error message on the screen.

Many a times your site stops working properly this is due to the fatal error. It is due to the clash in the plugin or when the file gets damaged and a fatal error or warning message get displayed.

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Some WordPress Errors are:-

  • Internal server error:– It is caused when there is something wrong in the WordPress site and the server is not able to identify or detect the problem.
  • WordPress post returning 404 error:- post returning 404 error is the not found error.The common issue is permalink issue in WordPress.
  • WordPress Memory exhausted error:-It mostly shows the white screen of death or the message. It arises when the plugin exhausts the size limit.
  • Image uploading issue in WordPress:-It is caused when the user tries to upload the image using the media uploader and it shows the error.

Here are some list of Fatal Error in WordPress and how to fix it

1- How to solve call to the undefined function?

Call to undefined function: Check the plugin you have activated do not need any precise theme or any other plugins and don’t forget to check the code of the file.

2- How to solve the  Blank white screen

Firstly, connect to the site via the FTP client . Next download a copy of wp-config.php file. In case if this line exists: -define(‘WP_DEBUG’,false); change it from false to true and next, at last, save and upload back to the server.

3- How to solve syntax error?

Syntax error or parse error: Use the ftp client for downloading the copy of file if you have added the custom code in your themes. You can also use the HTML editor to find the syntax errors and correcting the errors like the colons, semi-colons etc.

For excellent working of WordPress update your WordPress or theme on regular basis and check the plugins. Keep testing the .HTACCESS and PHP or Caching.

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