Netgear Arlo 4 Camera

With Netgear Arlo 4 Camera system, you’ll have everything you need to get started. You only  need to set up your camera with manual way, Before established connection check upgrade service plan and add more cameras to make the most out of your system. And if you need any help for connecting Netgear Arlo 4 Camera system just contact us.

What You Get

  • The smart home base station
  • 4 Smart security cameras
  • 4 Camera magnetic wall mounts
  • Outdoor security mount
  • 16 Lithium CR123 batteries
  • AC adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Hardware pack
  • Quick-start guide
  • 2 Window Decals

Required to established cameras

  • A smart device such as a smartphone or tablet is required to use this item.
  • High-speed internet connection required.
  • Expected battery life is four to six months with recommended settings and typical usage. Individual results may vary.
  • Camera range up to 300′ (line of sight). For indoor installations, its range will be decreased depending on environmental factors the range will decrease depending on environmental factors, including construction materials and methods, and wireless interference. The wireless is suitable for a typical 2,500 sq. ft. residence.

When you activate your Arlo 4 camera system you are able to view the live stream on the Arlo app for 4 Arlo camera, and as motion is detected, the cameras record (for 10 seconds, see below). The motion indicates a notification to the mobile device the app is on, if you enable the notifications feature, or to an email address. The video is saved to the cloud for seven days.

And you want the backup you can connect USB external storage drive to the base station and save your recordings in the USB. If you don’t have USB then you can download videos from the cloud free of cost, last seven-day period. Downloaded videos are saved as a 640 x 352 resolution, which is smaller than 1080p, but still good enough if you need it for evidence. Watching live in the camera also communicate with the two-way microphone. You can either yell at thief or at a dog that’s jumping on a couch.

How You Can Contact Our Arlo Customer Service

A Netgear Arlo 4 Camera is a security camera every people love Arlo camera at every angle, indoors and outdoors. Arlo includes rechargeable batteries, motion detection your camera captures every angle to keep you safe and protected. If you having trouble on Arlo camera you can contact us our toll-free number Arlo Customer Service  +1-877-918-8997  our experts is here to solve your issues. You can contact us anytime and if you want to get the information you can ask our experts they will definitely give you the best solution.

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